Andrew's Journal

Andrew’’s Journal is a free blog/story available on Write My Epic, that follows Andrew’’s journey through The Angel Hunter world.  Andrew is introduced in The Angel Hunter as an established member of the Morning Stars. In this free adventure, we find out how Andrew becomes aware of angels and decides to join the fight.  The journal will be updated until the second novel is released.

Volume One, containing the first 50 entries has been released as a $.99 e-book, available on Amazon. Click here to get it now!

Think Indie Art Hunt

A unique aspect of this ongoing series is that there is an open call to artists to illustrate the entries. Each entry can have multiple illustrations, and toward the release of the second novel in the series, the Journal will be released as a free e-book, with all accompanying credits to the artists. This is a great way to get your name out if you’re an artist. There are no rules except that the illustration has to depict in some way the scene(s) in the entry. You may interpret the characters any way you wish, there are no boundaries as to the visual aesthetic, so feel free to be creative!



What do you get out of it?

  • Free promotion via this site, Write My Epic, and all the social outlets available to both sites!

What are the rules? Well there are not many, but they are as follows:

  • Any genre of visual art will be accepted, as long as it depicts an entry of the series.
  • The artwork will be shared on this site, Write My Epic, via social media, and the eventual free e-book coinciding with the release of the second novel The Demon Hunter.
  • Each entry can be interpreted several times, and every vision can be different, so feel free to get creative!

Where do I submit?

  • Email a digital copy to
  • Specify which journal entry your artwork is depicting.
  • Include contact and promotion info (Name, e-mail, web/blog address).


  • Upon submitting artwork for this series, you are acknowledging that it is original artwork created by you.
  • The characters and situations depicted therein are property of Jerrod Begora, and will be distributed at his discression.
  • The artwork will be promoted on the Angel Hunter website, Write My Epic, and any social media outlet available.
  • The artwork will be distributed via a free e-book to the public, with full citation to all contributing artists.

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