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The Angel Hunter

The Angel Hunter is the start of a new series of supernatural thrillers.  This fictional world paradigms monotheistic ideas of God’’s existence and reinvents the question, “Why does God let bad things happen?”  The novel follows Lucile’s discovery and adventure in this alternate universe.  She is a devout Catholic woman who prays regularly for God’s help in finding her missing cousin, David, who has likely skipped town on a whim. After accepting help from a stranger, Lucile thinks her prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, she is far from the truth. Lucile is about to be swept up in an ancient battle between humans and angels, —where angels are evil and God is nowhere to be found.

Details on the novel can be found here, and details on the second novel Mastema’s War will be made available in due time. In the meantime, check out Write My Epic for the ongoing adventures of The Angel Hunter universe!

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